Discovering the Delightful Tradition of Ashrafi Murabba in Lahore

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Lahore, the heart of Pakistan, is a city steeped in history, culture, and traditions. Among the myriad of culinary delights that Lahore has to offer, one particularly exquisite delicacy stands out – Ashrafi Murabba. In this article, we will delve into the world of Ashrafi Murabba, exploring its origins, ingredients, preparation, and why it has become such an integral part of Lahore’s culinary heritage.

What is Ashrafi Murabba?

Ashrafi Murabba is a traditional Pakistani sweet preserve that has been cherished for generations. The name “Ashrafi” itself conveys a sense of richness and opulence, and rightly so, as this sweet treat is truly a treasure of flavors. The primary ingredient of Ashrafi Murabba is the ripe and juicy ashrafi mango, also known as the Chausa mango, which is famous for its exquisite taste and fragrance.

Serving Ashrafi Murabba in Lahore

Ashrafi Murabba is not just a preserve; it’s a symbol of hospitality and warmth in Lahore. It is traditionally served as a sweet accompaniment to various dishes, especially during special occasions and festivals. Here are some popular ways to enjoy Ashrafi Murabba in Lahore:

1. With Parathas: Ashrafi Murabba makes an excellent pairing with hot, flaky parathas. The sweetness of the murabba contrasts beautifully with the savory parathas, creating a delightful blend of flavors.

2. As a Dessert Topping: You can drizzle Ashrafi Murabba over vanilla ice cream or custard to create a fusion dessert that’s both sweet and refreshing.

3. With Roti: In many Lahori households, Ashrafi Murabba is spread over a freshly made roti for a quick and satisfying snack.

4. Alongside Biryani: Surprisingly, Ashrafi Murabba is sometimes served with biryani to add a touch of sweetness to the savory rice dish.

The History of Ashrafi Murabba

The history of Ashrafi Murabba can be traced back to the Mughal era when the emperors had a penchant for fine cuisine. Mangoes, being one of the most beloved fruits, were often used in various preparations, and the art of making murabba from mangoes was perfected during this time. The name “Ashrafi” itself might have been inspired by the Mughal currency of the same name, indicating the value and prestige attached to this delicacy.

Ingredients of Ashrafi Murabba

To create this delectable treat, you need just a few simple ingredients:

  1. Ashrafi Mangoes: As mentioned earlier, the heart and soul of Ashrafi Murabba are the ashrafi mangoes. These mangoes are known for their sweetness and unique flavor, making them the perfect choice for this preserve.
  2. Sugar: Sugar is a crucial ingredient in making murabba, as it not only sweetens the mangoes but also acts as a natural preservative.
  3. Spices: A touch of spices such as cardamom and cloves is added to enhance the flavor profile and give Ashrafi Murabba its distinct taste.
  4. Lemon Juice: A hint of lemon juice is added to balance the sweetness of the mangoes and add a touch of tanginess to the murabba.

The Preparation Process

The preparation of Ashrafi Murabba is a labor of love that requires patience and skill. Here’s a step-by-step guide to making this delightful preserve:

Step 1: Selecting the Mangoes Choose ripe ashrafi mangoes that are neither too soft nor too firm. The mangoes should have a rich fragrance and a golden-yellow hue.

Step 2: Peeling and Deseeding Peel the mangoes and remove the seeds. Cut the mango flesh into small, bite-sized pieces.

Step 3: Preparing the Sugar Syrup In a large, heavy-bottomed pan, combine sugar, water, and spices. Cook this mixture over low heat until the sugar dissolves completely and forms a thick syrup. The spices infuse their aroma into the syrup, giving it a delightful fragrance.

Step 4: Adding Mangoes Gently add the mango pieces to the simmering syrup. Be careful not to break the delicate mango pieces.

Step 5: Simmering Allow the mangoes to simmer in the syrup over low heat. Stir occasionally to ensure that the mangoes are coated evenly with the syrup. This slow cooking process allows the mangoes to absorb the flavors of the syrup and spices.

Step 6: Testing for Consistency To check if the murabba is ready, take a small amount of syrup and drop it into a bowl of water. If it forms a soft ball, the murabba is done.

Step 7: Adding Lemon Juice Once the murabba reaches the desired consistency, add a splash of lemon juice to balance the sweetness and enhance the flavor.

Step 8: Cooling and Storing Allow the Ashrafi Murabba to cool down completely before transferring it to clean, sterilized glass jars. Seal the jars tightly to preserve the murabba’s freshness.

The Cultural Significance

Ashrafi Murabba isn’t just a culinary delight; it holds cultural significance in Lahore. It is often exchanged as a symbol of goodwill and friendship, especially during festive occasions like Eid and weddings. Families gift jars of homemade Ashrafi Murabba to their loved ones, and it serves as a gesture of warmth and affection.

Where to Find Ashrafi Murabba in Lahore

If you’re visiting Lahore and want to experience the authentic taste of Ashrafi Murabba, you’re in for a treat. The city is dotted with traditional sweet shops and bazaars where you can find this delectable preserve. Some renowned places to explore include:

  1. Gawalmandi Food Street: This bustling food street in Lahore is a haven for food enthusiasts. You can find vendors and sweet shops selling Ashrafi Murabba and a variety of other mouthwatering treats.
  2. Anarkali Bazaar: Anarkali is one of Lahore’s oldest and most famous bazaars. Here, you can explore shops that have been serving Ashrafi Murabba for generations.
  3. Local Sweet Shops: Almost every neighborhood in Lahore has its own local sweet shop that prepares and sells Ashrafi Murabba. These shops offer a taste of homemade goodness.


Ashrafi Murabba, with its rich history and exquisite flavor, is a testament to Lahore’s culinary heritage. This delightful preserve, made from the finest ashrafi mangoes, continues to bring joy to the hearts and palates of Lahoris and visitors alike. Whether enjoyed with parathas, as a dessert topping, or as a gift to express affection, Ashrafi Murabba is more than just a sweet treat—it’s a symbol of the warmth and hospitality that defines Lahore. So, the next time you find yourself in this vibrant city, don’t forget to savor the enchanting taste of Ashrafi Murabba and become a part of its sweet tradition.

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