Affordable Long Distance Moving Services In Montgomery AL
Affordable Long Distance Moving Services In Montgomery AL

Here’s What Your Movers Won’t Move

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When it comes to moving, hiring professional movers in Brisbane is a smart choice. They can make the process smoother, faster, and less stressful. However, there are certain items and situations that your movers may refuse to handle. Understanding what these are can help you prepare for your move and avoid any last-minute surprises. In this article, we’ll explore what your movers won’t move and provide valuable insights to ensure a smooth relocation.

Hazardous Materials

Movers prioritize safety above all else, which is why they won’t transport hazardous materials. These substances pose significant risks during transportation, such as leakage, fire, or even explosions. Hazardous materials include:

  • Chemicals: Household cleaning products, paints, and pesticides.
  • Flammable Items: Propane tanks, gasoline, and fireworks.
  • Explosives: Ammunition and fireworks.
  • Corrosive Substances: Battery acid and drain cleaners.

To handle hazardous materials safely, it’s essential to dispose of them properly or find specialized professionals who can transport them securely.

Perishable Items

Movers won’t handle perishable items like food, plants, or live animals. These items can spoil, wilt, or die during transit, leading to unpleasant odors and potential damage to your belongings. To avoid this issue:

  • Consume or donate perishable food items before moving.
  • Transport plants in your own vehicle.
  • Make suitable arrangements for your pets during the move.

Valuables and Important Documents

While movers are generally trustworthy, it’s advisable not to entrust them with highly valuable or irreplaceable items such as:

  • Jewelry
  • Cash
  • Passports and IDs
  • Legal documents (wills, contracts)
  • Family heirlooms

It’s better to keep these items with you, either in a personal bag or a secure box, during the move. Consider purchasing additional insurance coverage for added protection.

Items of Sentimental Value

Items that hold deep sentimental value may not be covered by standard moving insurance. These could include family photos, letters, or personal mementos. To ensure these cherished possessions arrive safely, pack and transport them yourself.

Items Requiring Special Handling

Some items require specialized handling due to their size, fragility, or complexity. Movers may not move:

  • Pianos: These heavy and delicate instruments require piano movers with expertise.
  • Pool Tables: Disassembling and reassembling a pool table is a skilled task.
  • Artwork: Valuable artwork should be handled by professionals to prevent damage.
  • Antiques: Fragile antiques need extra care during transportation.

If you have such items, inform your movers in advance so they can make the necessary arrangements or recommend specialists.

Unprepared or Disassembled Furniture

Movers expect your furniture to be ready for transportation. This means disassembling items that require it and preparing them for the move. Movers won’t dismantle furniture, so be sure to do this ahead of time. Additionally, it’s essential to empty drawers and remove any items from furniture pieces.

Extremely Heavy or Oversized Items

While movers are equipped to handle heavy and large items, there are limits. Extremely heavy or oversized items may require additional equipment or a different approach. Examples include:

  • Grand pianos
  • Large safes
  • Commercial-grade machinery

Discuss these items with your movers in advance to plan for their safe transportation.

Illegal or Prohibited Items

Movers will not transport items that are illegal or prohibited by law. This includes firearms, illegal drugs, and stolen property. Always adhere to legal regulations and dispose of or handle such items appropriately.


Hiring professional movers in Brisbane is a wise choice for a stress-free relocation. However, understanding what your movers won’t move is crucial for a successful move. By following these guidelines and planning accordingly, you can ensure that your valuable items and cherished possessions are protected during the moving process. Remember to communicate openly with your movers, be prepared, and take the necessary steps to handle any items they cannot transport, ensuring a smooth and efficient move.

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