Custom Handle Bag Shape Boxes

Introduction To Custom Handle Bag Shape Boxes

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Are you bored of packing your product in the same types of boxes? Do you want to get packaging that comes with the amalgamation of two box styles? If yes then get handle bag shape boxes to pack your products. 

In these boxes, a box in the shape of a bag is used to pack the product. These bag-shaped boxes contain a handle that makes them easy to use. Bag shape custom boxes are multifaceted and give several benefits to the brands. In this article, we will get an idea about the features of bag-shaped handle boxes. 


Custom handle bag shape packaging boxes are primarily made from two types of materials. These materials are eco-friendly kraft and cardstock. The main reason to use these materials in the manufacturing of boxes is that these materials are quite flexible and can be molded in any shape. 

Moreover, both the materials, i.e. kraft and cardstock, are resilient and can withstand external pressure. Using these materials to manufacture your boxes, you can ensure the safe storage and delivery of your product. 


Printing is a way to attract customers, make the packaging appealing, communicate with customers, etc. Printing is the main thing that converts the general packaging into custom one. On handle bag shape boxes wholesale offset, digital, and screen printing can be used.

You can create catchy designs on the boxes to make them splendid. For instance, if you are selling toys you can print the boxes to give the appearance of the house. Similarly, to pack apparel you can use boxes with monochrome shades.

Die Cut Window

Sometimes customers like to get a preview of the packaging and know about the quality of the product. To give your customers a touch-and-feel option, a die-cut window is added to the boxes. For instance, if you are selling clothes, you can use window boxes.

Furthermore, some boxes come with a die-cut window covered with a PVC sheet. Using these boxes you can give a glimpse of your product to the customer. You can make the die-cut window in various shapes like heart, rectangular, semicircle, circle, etc. 

Handle On The Boxes

As the name indicates these bag-shaped boxes contain handles that make them convenient. Most of the time the custom boxes with handles on the boxes are created by die-cutting the upper area of the packaging.

However, you can add handles to these boxes made of fabric, plastic, or paper. Handles give the boxes a marvelous appearance. Using these boxes you can make your product one of a kind. 

Packaging Price

Apart from the quality of the packaging, its uniqueness, etc the thing that is a big concern about these boxes is the price. These boxes are a bit more expensive than the regular packaging due to their unique style and the level of expertise required to beautify the boxes.

Nonetheless, you can reduce the packaging cost by selecting the wholesale option. Besides this, the cost of the packaging depends upon the type of printing you are selecting. By choosing a minimalist printing the price of the boxes will decrease. You can select offset printing which is inexpensive compared to other printing methods. 

For What Product is Handle Bag Packaging Suitable?

Custom handle bag packaging boxes are suitable for small to medium size products. These boxes are perfect to pack a large variety of products without affecting their quality. You can pack apparel, crockery, jewelry, small electronic gadget, and much more.

Not only this, the handle bag packaging is a perfect solution if you are looking for a gift box. You can pack your souvenir gifts while at the same time promoting your brand using the logo on the boxes. 

Final Words!

Custom handle bag shape boxes are an amalgamation of different box styles that make your product appealing and different from others. These boxes are made from first materials such as kraft and cardstock. The flexibility of raw materials allows manufacturers to mold them in any shape.

These bag-shaped boxes sometimes contain die-cut windows covered by PVC sheets to increase the appeal of the product. Not only this, you can use these boxes to pack gifts and various other objects like apparel. 

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