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Tips to Enhance Your Pool Area

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Most house owners have swimming pools on their property. As you are going to do a lot of swimming in the spring and summer seasons, you need to remodel your swimming pool and try to fix if there are any minor or major issues there.

So, to keep your pool area in working order, you can take a few important steps. Clean the pool area and repaint if it has lost its beauty with severe snowfall.

Change the water and clean the pool to avoid any algae build-up in that area. Remember, you have not used your pool area in winter. Hence, there must be dirt and debris in the water.

So, replace the dirty water with fresh and clean water to make sure you do not get contaminated with any type of skin disease in the spring or summer season.

Invest in some good and fancy-looking chairs to place in the swimming area. Do not forget to add umbrellas to your pool area. This will give you cool shade on hot summer days.

If you are looking for the best outdoor space designer in San Jose, then you can contact Johnson Patios or visit our website to hire our professional designers. Now, let us understand how you can enhance the pool area by following these tips.

Select a theme

If you want to enhance the look of your swimming pool, then first you have to select a theme for this.

You can create a fun look by introducing a jungle theme or a paradise theme around your pool.

Go with a simple landscaping idea with lots of big plants around your pool to create a jungle vibe in your pool area.

Landscaping around your pool will also provide you with some sort of privacy too.

You can also place big rocks around your pool area to enhance the look of your outdoor space. Go with the unique seating areas and towel holders to accentuate the pool area.

You can also create a beach vibe in your pool area by using a sand-colored floor idea. Create a wave effect in the pool to get that sea-beach vibe in your pool.

You can contact our professionals to understand how you can create waves in your pool area to make it more fun. You can mimic the sea beach vibe by placing couches in a shape of basket boats

Create an outdoor dining space poolside

You can create a dining space near your swimming pool to enjoy a hot coffee or have your favorite drink to spice up the swimming time.

You can use glass balustrades to separate the dining space from the pool. You can install decorative lights to enjoy the evening in the pool area.

Enhance the aesthetics

You can decorate the area around your pool with a few accessories such as placing a wooden cabana to give an Indo-Western look to your space. This can transform the look of your pool from ordinary to luxurious with ease.

You can go with a designer swing chair at the poolside to give it a cozy look. Line your patio with casual beach loungers to add a relaxing ambiance. Include mini bolsters or cushions to host a formal party at the poolside.

You can also add fully adjustable backpack beach chairs to enjoy the lazy afternoons at the pool area.

Set up a bar oasis

If you want to host a cocktail party around your pool, then you should create a pergola or a naturally insulated roof to host a pool party.

A pergola can help you keep the pool area cool in the hot summer days. Setting up a bar can also serve your purpose of hosting a cocktail party near the pool.

You can also set up a health bar near your pool to serve smoothies, milk, or energy drinks while swimming.

Keep your pool clean

You can notice algae growth in your pool if you leave it neglected. Hence, you should remove the dead leaves and algae from your pool to keep it clean. Change the water regularly to avoid bad odors and ensure the safety of your children.


If you are confused about how to design your pool area to give it a beautiful look, then you can contact our professional designers to get amazing ideas about the same.

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