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Unicorn Girl Drawing Tutorial For Beginners

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Unicorn Girl Drawing: Unicorns have caught the minds of individuals for quite a long time. These legendary animals, frequently connected with magnificence, elegance, and sorcery, keep on being a famous subject for specialists, all things considered. One superb bend on the customary unicorn is the idea of a Unicorn Girl – an unconventional mix of a unicorn and a human girl. In this bit by bit guide, we will investigate how to draw a Unicorn Girl, opening the charming dreamland workmanship. Along these lines, hone your pencils and we should begin on this supernatural excursion! Explore all ideas for drawing for kids.

Materials You Will Need

Before we plunge into the bit by bit course of drawing a Unicorn Girl, assembling the fundamental materials is significant. You’ll require this:

  • Drawing Paper: Begin with a perfect, white sheet of drawing paper. You can pick between different paper sizes, yet a standard 8.5 x 11 inches sheet will function admirably.
  • Pencils: You will require a scope of pencils with various hardness levels. A set that incorporates pencils from 2H (hard) to 6B (delicate) will be adequate.
  • Eraser: A decent quality eraser is fundamental for rectifying slip-ups and making your drawing look perfect.
  • Sharpener: Keep a sharpener convenient to keep up with the sharpness of your pencils.
  • Reference Pictures: It’s useful to have some reference pictures of unicorns and young ladies for motivation.
  • Since you have your materials prepared, we should begin drawing our Unicorn Girl!

Stage 1: Sketch the Fundamental Shapes

Start by gently outlining the fundamental shapes that will frame the underpinning of your Unicorn Girl. Begin with a basic oval for the head. This will act as an aide for the unicorn’s face. Then, define an upward boundary down the focal point of the oval to assist you with setting the facial highlights.

For the body, sketch an elegant, stretched oval shape underneath the head. This will be the middle of your Unicorn Girl. Broaden a bended line from the lower part of the middle to address the hips. Draw two long, thin lines reaching out descending from the hips to make the legs.

Keep in mind, these underlying representations ought to be light and effectively erasable, as they are only a structure to expand upon.

Stage 2: Characterize the Facial Highlights

Presently, we should give your Unicorn Girl an enchanting face. Inside the oval shape, define a level boundary somewhat beneath the middle to demonstrate the situation of the eyes. Then, draw two almond-formed eyes along this line. Add eyelashes for a ladylike touch. The eyes ought to be enormous and expressive, as they are a critical element of imagination characters.

Underneath the eyes, draw a little, button-like nose. Just beneath the nose, add a grinning, delicate mouth. You can make the mouth as wide or as unobtrusive as you like, contingent upon the articulation you need to convey.

For the unicorn component, draw a solitary, bended horn jutting from the focal point of the brow. The horn can be long and elegant, with a slight twisting in the event that you like.

Stage 3: Make the Hair

The hair of your Unicorn Girl is where you can truly allow your imagination to sparkle. Draw streaming hair that fountains down her back, outlining her face wonderfully. You can make the hair wavy, wavy, or straight, contingent upon the style you want.

Consolidate some unicorn-like components by adding long, streaming locks that look like a unicorn’s mane. These can be enhanced with stars, whirls, or other enchanted subtleties. Go ahead and examination and make it as eccentric as you like.

Stage 4: Draw the Unicorn Ears

Unicorn ears are commonly pointed and marginally bended. Draw a couple of these ears on one or the other side of the head, simply over the eyes. Position them so they mix flawlessly with the hair. You can add an improving components to the ears, similar to little stars or shapes, to upgrade the mysterious energy.

Stage 5: Sketch the Middle and Arms

Refine the middle by adding delicate bends to show the chest and midsection. Draw two thin arms reaching out from the sides of the middle. The arms ought to be effortless and female. You can add a few subtleties like wristbands or sleeves to make them seriously fascinating.

Stage 6: Make the Legs and Hooves

Presently, we should chip away at the lower half of your Unicorn Girl. Draw the legs, making them thin and exquisite. Toward the finish of every leg, make a couple of hooves. Unicorn hooves are generally modest and pointed. You can add a touch of energy by integrating a few twirls or examples on the hooves.

Stage 7: Add the Tail

A unicorn wouldn’t be finished without a lovely tail. Draw a long, streaming tail that stretches out from the rear of your Unicorn Girl. The tail can be embellished with strips, blossoms, or other enlivening components to improve the enchanted viewpoint.

Stage 8: Refine the Subtleties

Since you have the essential diagram of your Unicorn Girl, now is the right time to refine the subtleties. Go over your sketch, adding more definition to the facial elements, hair, and apparel. Focus on the progression of the hair and the surface of the unicorn horn. Make any important changes in accordance with guarantee your Unicorn Girl looks agreeable and charming.

Stage 9: Eradicate Rules

Cautiously delete the underlying rules and light sketch lines that you never again need. This will leave you with a spotless and cleaned drawing.

Stage 10: Add Tone

To rejuvenate your Unicorn Girl, now is the right time to add tone. You can utilize shaded pencils, markers, watercolors, or some other medium you like. Select a variety range that mirrors the otherworldly and ethereal nature of your personality. Customary unicorn colors like pastel pinks, purples, and blues function admirably, yet go ahead and analyze.

Variety the hair, eyes, clothing, and some other subtleties you’ve added to your Unicorn Girl. Remember to add a concealing to make profundity and aspect.

Stage 11: Foundation and Last little details

To upgrade the general piece of your work of art, consider adding a foundation. You can make a marvelous, fantastical setting with stars, mists, or an enchanted timberland. This will assist with shipping your Unicorn Girl into a universe of charm.

At long last, add any final details and subtleties to make your drawing really remarkable. This could incorporate shimmers, stars, or extra mystical components that upgrade the capricious subject.

Stage 12: Sign Your Work of art

Each craftsman ought to sign their work. Pick a tactful spot on your attracting to add your mark. This adds an expert touch as well as imprints your creation as your own.


Drawing a Unicorn Girl is a brilliant excursion into the dreamland craftsmanship. It permits you to mix the magnificence of a unicorn with the appeal of a human girl, making a person that is both otherworldly and interesting. By adhering to these bit by bit directions and allowing your imagination to stream, you can rejuvenate your own Unicorn Girl on paper.

Recall that craftsmanship is an individual articulation, and there are no severe guidelines. Go ahead and explore different avenues regarding various styles, varieties, and subtleties to make your Unicorn Girl really special. In this way, embrace your internal craftsman, and may your Unicorn Girl motivate miracle and charm in all who view her. Blissful drawing! For more information, please Click Here!

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